Welcome to re-find: New. Resale. Reclaimed.

Re-Find Boutique was established in 2011 in the historical town of Salem, Massachusetts. Both our men's and women's boutiques specialize in new AND resale clothing, accessories as well as reclaimed furniture pieces. Our two stores are just steps apart and our online store with mobile shopping capability makes it even simpler to view and purchase our new arrivals on the go.  We look forward to seeing you in our stores and serving our customers both near and far in our online boutique. Please contact us with questions, we are happy to help! 

EE: Some Floral Dress
Love Riche Cold Shoulder Tunic
EE:Some Multi-Floral Dress
Nikibiki Lavendar Chiffon Dress in Black
Esley Shirt Dress
True Light Plus Size Dress
COC Plue Size Curvy Fit Dress
Effie's Heart Dolce Vita Dress - Parlour Print
Effie's Heart Sonnet Dress - Willow Tree
Sweet Claire Asym Floral Dress
Effie's Heart Piaf Dress - Willow Tree
Effie's Heart Sonnet Dress - Chrysanthemum